Why donate

Why donate:

We need art

We need art

“We at Gummerus think that the whole art field has to pull together and therefore wanted to give our support to the University of the Arts Helsinki with a donation.”

Anna Baijars, CEO, Gummerus 

"Finland has immensely talented artists and I want to ensure that it stays that way in the future. Good education provides a basis for making art.”

Anu Karessuo, private donor 

Finland needs art more than ever. The ability to think creatively is a prerequisite for growth and innovations. The University of the Arts Helsinki needs resources to support new forms of expression and different development projects, which aim to create new ways for art to have an impact in our society.

We are collecting capital to the University of the Arts Helsinki from corporations, communities, foundations and private persons until 30 June 2017. The funding target is 5 million euros. The Finnish state will support the universities’ fundraising with a total of 150 million euros. The goal of the University of the Arts Helsinki is to collect 5 million euros, which can grow up to 12.5 million euros after the state’s matched funding.

The donations will increase our capital, which we’ll use to make the university an even better place to study, conduct research, and make a difference. Our gift to you is the most current art and a strong cultural life. By donating to the University of the Arts Helsinki, you can give your support to our unique art education and invest in the future of art in Finland. 


The campaign has already collected more than 4,3 million euros!

The following donors have given permission to publish their names:


Eeva Anttila
Aygül Baibulat
Bond Creative Agency
Merja Carlander

The Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation 
FCG Finnish Consulting Group
Riitta Grumann
Gummerus Oy
Marjatta Ikkala
Pekka Jylhä
Mauno Järvelä

Pekka Järvensivu
Jarmo Jääskeläinen


Karri Kaitue
Anu Karessuo
Hannele Karlin
Lotta Karlsson
Reijo Kela
Annika Kempe
Jari Kiviranta
Esa Knuutila
Kone Foundation
Vesa Kurkela
Elina Laakso

Marjaleena Lagus
Viljami Lappalainen
Lauri and Lasse Reitz Foundation
Eeva-Helena Laurinsalo
Heidi Lehmuskumpu

Lisi Wahls stiftelse för studieunderstöd
LocalTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company
Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation
Tatu Malmström
Erja Metsälä
Marja-Leena Mäkilä

Niilo Helander Foundation
Kimmo Nuotio
Jorma and Liisa Ollila

OP Cooperative
Bruce Oreck
Elisa Paloheimo
Jari Perkiömäki
Mika Pesonen


Mikko Raskinen
Kari Rentola
Anni Rissanen
Maarit Ruikka
Jaakko Rustanius

Kaisa Saarikorpi
Saastamoinen Foundation
Marja Sakari
Nana Salin
Salomaa Yhtiöt Oy
Kai Seikku
Sibelius-rahasto - Sibeliusfonden
Minna Silfverhuth
Jaana Simula

Snellman-korkeakoulun ylioppilaskunta
StaffPoint Oy / StaffPoint Holding Oy
Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds minne sr

Stiftelsen Emilie och Rudolf Gesellius fond
Stiftelsen Tre Smeder
Svenska kulturfonden

Martin Tallberg
Ari Tenhula

Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation
Ari Tolppanen
Sanna Viitanen
Ann von Rettig
Tom von Weymarn

University of the Arts Helsinki thanks all donors for their contributions! The donations go towards developing the university's all art fields and building the success of artists of tomorrow.

Impact of donations

Impact of donations

”Life without art would be dull. Art keeps our mind active and challenges us to think.”

Katja, age 27.

The donations increase the university’s capital, which we’ll use to secure the high level of the Finnish art education also in the future. The key objects of our education are to increase our internationality and to strengthen our interaction and art research.

We promote art’s potential to have a positive impact in areas such as ecology and ethicalness, as well as digitalisation and new technologies. We are already now frontrunners of art research. We wish to advance this development by having art and science join forces in a productive way and understanding the social impact of these coalitions.

Donations that are eligible for matched funding cannot be designated to specific art disciplines, but increasing the university’s funds will help all three academies and the education in their respective fields of art.

What does art bring to the society

What does art bring to the society

”Art has inspired me to create things myself. I find social art really thought-provoking, and it has improved my way of thinking and media literacy.”

Viljami, age 23.

By educating the artistic virtuosos and future’s brightest stars, we bring life force, change, and well-being to the society. 

Life force

Art is a fresh and creative force in the society and economy. And the ability to think creatively is a prerequisite for growth.


Art helps us to conceive alternative futures and make a stand for what we believe in. Change is the result of sharp thinking, a new kind of interaction, and a trailblazer attitude. Art gives us a more forward-looking point of view – a fresher and sharper perspective.


Art feeds our thoughts. It gives us a reason to believe in ourselves and helps us to create something new. Art, along with its working methods, brings well-being to people of all ages and contributes to the quality of life in a positive way.


What will we and Finland be remembered for? Those who have accomplished something bigger than themselves – usually the best artists of our time and their work. People who have been trained at the University of the Arts Helsinki. Art gives us the permission to feel big and powerful emotions. Virtuosity means superior skill that will leave its mark on history. 

State's matched funding

State's matched funding

”Art gives wings to our imagination and creates distance to our everyday life. Sometimes taking a break from our own reality can give us a new perspective on things.”

Kirsi, age 48.

The more donations the University of the Arts Helsinki is able to collect from communities and private persons, the more funds the state will invest in the university’s capital. The Government has decided to support the universities’ fundraising with a maximum of 150 million euros in total by matching the private funds that the universities collect.

If the universities collect a maximum of 50 million euros overall, the Government will invest 3 euros per each euro received through donations. If the universities collect over 50 million euros, the matched funding given to each university by the Government will be smaller. In this case, the funds will be allocated to the universities in proportion to the private capital that they raise. The coefficient depends on the overall sum of donations that the universities have collected from private donors.

The donor must designate the funds to university activities in general and cannot set any conditions for the targeting of the funds in order to be eligible for government capitalisation.

Financing of the University

Financing of the University

The Government is the main source of funding for the universities, but it hopes that the universities also develop new forms of fundraising to strengthen the capital they receive from the Government. The Government has decided to support the universities’ fundraising with a maximum of 150 million euros overall by matching the private funds that the universities collect.